Altesia is a French progressive metal band from Bordeaux. Founded in 2017 by Clément Darrieu as a solo project, Altesia becomes a proper band early 2019. Altesia self-released its debut album « Paragon Circus » on December 11th 2019, influenced by Opeth, Haken, Dream Theater and Leprous. The band’s music sails between genres, from progressive rock to progressive metal, disseminating jazz, funk, pop, modern metal or even death metal hints. The listener will travel between calm and spellbinding ambiances, and heavy and powerful atmospheres.

Altesia releases its second album “Embryo” on October 16th 2021. Acclaimed worlwide, the band will tour France in October 2021 and April 2021. The band will also play at Ready for Prog? festival in Toulouse (France), in October 2021, alongside Leprous, Kadinja, Noveria, and other bands.

Hugo Bernart – Bass
Henri Bordillon – Keyboards
Alexis Casanova – Lead guitar, backing vocals
Clément Darrieu – Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Yann Ménage – Drums, backing vocals